Stop the takeover of Racine Unified!


Stop the takeover of Racine Unified!

A budget proposal passed along party lines by the Joint Finance Committee on Monday would devastate the Racine Unified School District, increasing segregation and eviscerating student opportunities. Under the plan, Racine Unified would have only one year to increase scores on state standardized tests, or the state would allow for neighboring villages to break away.

Wisconsin educators must stand with our colleagues in Racine against this push by politicians to grant authority to dismantle a unified school district. The outcome would be disastrous, disrupting the tax base thereby weakening programs, athletics and extra-curricular activities. Soon, curriculum would suffer and, in time, infrastructure would disintegrate.

Tell your elected officials to stop the takeover of Racine Unified!

Masked in the name, “Opportunity Schools Partnership Program,” the proposal would require Racine Unified to improve its state scores in one year. If it doesn't, voters in the villages surrounding the City of Racine could hold a binding referendum to break apart the district. The politically motivated maneuver is disingenuous, not at all designed to improve schools for all students. Instead, it creates another school district while at the same time Republicans are proposing incentives for other school districts to merge.

Students deserve opportunities, not shattered schools. Stand with Racine Unified and email your legislators now!