The Missouri Senate is considering Senate Bill 55 allowing expanding vouchers and allowing charter schools to operate in communities across Missouri, taking scarce resources away from students and neighborhood schools.

ACTION NEEDED: Send an e-mail asking your legislator to oppose vouchers and charter schools expansion in Senate Bill 55.

What you need to know about Senate Bill 55 (SB 55): SB 55 harms our students and neighborhood schools by removing vital resources from the classroom in favor of elite private and religious schools.  

Senate Bill 55 contains two attacks on public school students, educators, and our neighborhood schools:

Vouchers: Education privatizers know that vouchers are unpopular; that is why in this bill, they call them "Education Empowerment Scholarships."

  • A voucher is a voucher: Make no mistake, SB 55 repackages voucher schemes with a new name, "Education Savings Accounts". Vouchers take vital resources from our students in neighborhood schools. Senate Bill 55 (SB 55) creates a mechanism where up to $100 million dollars can be taken away from students in public schools across the state to subsidize elite private and religious schools.

  • Each year it gets worse: SB 55 allows the amount of money diverted from our local schools to vouchers to increase each year and could reach over $313 million per year during a student's K-12 education.  

Charter School Expansion: Allows unaccountable charter schools to open in school districts across the state. Authorizes charter schools to be opened in an additional 61 school districts located in Jackson, Jefferson, St. Charles, and St. Louis counties or cities of 30,000 or more.  

Missouri educators believe that charter schools should be sponsored by and accountable to the their community through an elected school board and approved only after an impact study is conducted by the district to consider the proposal. Existing charter schools should move to local school district sponsorship when their charters come up for renewal.

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