Tell the FAA to Stop the Expansion of SpaceX

Take action to stop SpaceX from expanding its facility at Boca Chica Beach in the Rio Grande Valley!

The "world's richest man," billionaire Elon Musk, wants to expand his private SpaceX facility at Boca Chica Beach in Brownsville, TX. Nearby residents have been speaking out against the destructive operations of the SpaceX facility for years. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is asking for public input until Jan 22 on Musk's plans. Send a message to the FAA and demand that the expansion of the SpaceX facility is denied.

Since the facility began operations in 2019, Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket testing has caused numerous fires and explosions that threatened the people of Brownsville's safety and has caused a dangerous grassfire. Every time a rocket launches, it produces hazardous air emissions that are terrible for the Earth's atmosphere. Operations have also displaced people from their homes at Boca Chica Village, and every month has stripped locals' access to the pristine beach. If the expansion goes forward, the gentrification and damages will only increase in size and scale. Facing the direct threats of this facility's operations are many low-income communities of color, national wildlife refuges with endangered species like the Aplomado falcon and ocelot, and three proposed fracked gas (LNG) plants that would pose extreme safety risks on their own -- all within a 6-mile radius. The SpaceX facility is currently located and planning to expand on sacred land to the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of South Texas and is being built without their consent.

Mr. Musk has also made statements demonstrating his lack of understanding of the negative impacts SpaceX poses on our region, a blatant disrespect to the majority of low-income people of color that live here. In a nationally televised statement in 2019, Mr. Musk remarked about SpaceX flight testing that "most likely it's going to happen at our Brownsville location because we've got a lot of land with nobody around, and so if it blows up, it's cool."

Our region has the highest poverty rates in the nation and is actively facing invasive border surveillance, detention facilities, mass deportations, separation of families, expansion of a border wall, and high COVID-19 cases. Elon Musk just became one of the wealthiest human beings on Earth and is living out a settler's dream to build his own personal playground in communities indigenous to the area for generations. A billionaire set eyes on our home and jumped to buy "cheap property" and swayed local politicians to support privatizing Boca Chica Beach.

As we watch our community struggle, now more than ever, laboring to put food on the table, a billionaire is in our periphery buying up sacred land, displacing communities, and destroying local wildlife and vegetation. SpaceX's vision to colonize Mars in the belief that that Earth will become inhabitable has begun by colonizing Boca Chica Beach in Brownsville, TX.

We are at a critical point in our history where we can change the course of our future here on Earth. Why are we not working and placing our resources into preserving our planet? This home of ours gives us everything we need to survive.

If you are deeply concerned about the SpaceX launch site expansion and its economic, cultural, & environmental impacts on the region, please send a message by this Friday.

"SpaceX is painful to experience. The colonization of land and resources is repeated history. As I watch the developments, my anxiety grows. What are the economic benefits for the working class folks? Can my working-class community members also have the opportunity to dream? I am not thankful to SpaceX for those cleaning staff positions. I am not thankful to SpaceX for those day laborer positions. I want to see my community, the families, their children are set up in a place where they can pursue their purpose, their dream, and what they love." - Nansi Guevara, Brownsville, TX

Letter Campaign by
Rebekah Hinojosa
Brownsville, Texas