Keep Our Classrooms Safe

Teachers in every school district across the state are dealing with a sharp rise in aggressive student behavior, and legislators are considering a bill that would address this troubling trend.

Contact your legislators and tell them to vote in favor of SB 453, An Act Concerning Classroom Safety and Disruptive Behavior, to keep our students and teachers safe.

Tell your legislators:

  • Administrators are not taking the problem seriously and are failing to provide necessary services and resources
  • There must be consequences and appropriate interventions for violent students
  • Aggressive student behavior not only puts teachers at risk but also jeopardizes the safety of other students in the classroom
  • Ignoring behavioral issues in the school now increases the risk of those students becoming involved with the criminal justice system later on

Click here to read the bill, SB 453, An Act Concerning Classroom Safety and Disruptive Behavior.

Fill in your information and click "Start Writing" to send a clear message to legislators on the need to address aggressive student behavior.