Superintendent Duerr: End The Unlawful Retaliation!

Falmouth Public Schools Superintendent Lori Duerr’s attempt to fire veteran educator Lori Andrade is an egregious action with significant ramifications for all of our schools and our community.

As president of the Falmouth Educators’ Association, Lori Andrade has been a fierce advocate for our students’ learning conditions and was tireless in leading efforts to provide a robust academic experience throughout the pandemic while maintaining health and safety protocols.

In standing up to Superintendent Duerr and her human resources director, Lori Andrade became the target of malicious retaliation culminating in an unwarranted and unjust termination notice.

Duerr and her administration have created a toxic work environment, resulting in time-consuming and costly legal actions.

This has to stop.

Lori Andrade has served Falmouth Public Schools with honor and integrity. Superintendent Duerr’s attempts to silence her and to intimidate the members of the Falmouth Educators’ Association are reprehensible, union-busting actions that are an affront to all workers and a disservice to our schools and our community.

Please call (508-548-0151 ext. #137) or email Superintendent Duerr and demand that Lori Andrade be immediately reinstated and to treat all educators with the respect and dignity that they deserve.