Support a Fracking Moratorium in New Mexico (SB 149)

Support NM Senate Bill 149

Dear Residents and Activists,

Please call or email Governor Lujan Grisham and Legislators

New Mexico's 2021 legislative session has begun. We all need to work together to support frontline and Indigenous communities affected by fracking, as well as supporting the youth's call for immediate action on the climate crisis. It is important to send these letters and make the calls to show the governor and legislators public support for a Pause on Fracking in New Mexico. We will continue our campaign until a moratorium is passed and the people are heard.

Please call Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, (505) 476-2200 or email the Governor today! State that you support the fracking bill SB 149.

  • Ask the Governor to Declare a Climate Emergency

  • Ask her to support and sign the Pause on Fracking Legislation (SB 149).

  • Let her know why this legislation is important to you.

  • Remind her of the benefits of this bill

  • Bring this recent event to the attention of our lawmakers in the Conservation, Judiciary and Legislative finance Committee by sending this digital letter. The January 21th 2020 explosion of a "produced water" line - just 100 feet from a family residence in Carlsbad - illuminates the serious gaps in a broken regulatory system that are putting the health and safety of all New Mexicans at risk. The disposal of so-called "produced water"- in reality, the fracking industry's toxic waste - is creating a public health emergency of unprecedented scope across America. In 2018, more than 42 billion gallons of produced water were created in NM's Permian Basin alone. Please take the time to read this letter, follow the links, and send it on to our elected officials. The recent discovery of a dumping of 288 tons TENORM radioactive waste into the Rio Rancho Landfill from brine salts in which residents are still waiting for testing. We can be silent no longer.

Read SB 149 for yourself. SB 149 is sponsored by Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (D-Dist. 16) and Senator Patricia Roybal Caballero (D-Dist. 13). We need this bill to address health studies, health protections and safety Issues from fracking in New Mexico.
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