Support a Safer Lake Washington Blvd!

Three logos of sponsoring groups: Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, Accessible Lake Washington Boulevard, and Rainier Valley Greenways-Safe Streets

Lake Washington Blvd is one of Seattle’s greatest parks. Year round, Seattle families of all walks of life enjoy walking, biking, rolling, swimming, pleasure drives, and more along the three-mile shoreline between Mt Baker Beach and Seward Park.

As our city has grown, car traffic on Lake Washington Blvd has grown dramatically. More and more drivers use Lake Washington Blvd as a highway, rather than as a scenic drive or bike ride as it was originally designed, threatening the safety of other drivers and park users alike.

The proposed renovations on the Boulevard between Mt. Baker Beach and Seward Park are a positive step forward towards shared safety, but they do not go far enough. Several of the most dangerous straightaways and intersections will receive no improvements at all. Dangerous speeds and violent crashes will continue without additional improvements and the park experience will continue to deteriorate.

Rainier Valley Greenways - Safe Streets has developed a list of commonsense improvements to get us closer to a safe park experience for everyone, including:

  1. Speed cushions north of 43rd Ave S and south of S Ferdinand St, the fastest stretches of the road;

  2. Additional crosswalks at S Horton St and S Dawson St, and;

  3. All-way stop at 43rd Ave S.

Please include these cost-effective safety improvements in the final project design!