Support Amending the Westwood Village Specific Plan

Los Angeles City Planning has released a draft ordinance to amend the Westwood Village Specific Plan, which has not kept up with the rapidly evolving retail landscape and changing consumer preferences. The result is a crippling 32% vacancy rate in Westwood Village. The amendments will support local businesses by simplifying regulations for food uses, parking, and signage requirements.

The Westwood Village Improvement Association (WVIA) also supports further amending the Plan to eliminate parking requirements for business change of use and to allow for off-site parking requirements to be met by lease in lieu of covenants.

How Can You Help?

Please submit a letter of support to LA City Planning. Enter your name, email, and zip code in the box provided, and then click Start Writing to be directed to your pre-written draft support letter (which can also be edited if you choose). Copies of this letter will also be sent to Councilmember Paul Koretz, Council District 5, and the WVIA.

The WVIA will keep you up to date on the public process to amend the Plan.

For more details on LA City Planning’s recommendations, please see the City’s FAQ and the draft ordinance.

Thank you for your support!

Letter Campaign by
Megan Furey
Los Angeles, California