Support Campaign Finance Reform in Virginia

Happy New Year from Virginia advocates for Campaign Finance Reform!

We hope that you agree, after witnessing the most expensive election in Virginia's history, that campaign finance reform needs to happen this year and in a politically split General Assembly, it would be a bipartisan win for legislators and Virginia voters, as conveyed by testimony from various Fairfax voters in Saturday's legislative hearing.

Please write to your Senator and encourage them to actively support common sense Campaign Finance Reform bills which will be introduced in the upcoming General Assembly, recognizing that Virginians voters, irrespective of party, care about this issue. If you need any additional information or would like to be briefed on this issue, feel free to contact Nancy Morgan, Money Out VA/American Promise, at

Resources for your review:
  • Recent polling results from the Wason Center which shows that almost 80 percent of Virginia's voters, irrespective of party, support curtailing the influence of large donors on our elections. 88 percent of these voters support full disclosure.   Last week, we organized a short (30-minute) press conference (video here), after releasing a press release.  
  • A summary of potential bills which will be introduced into the General Assembly. Many of the provisions of these bills stem from the findings of the discussions in the Joint Sub-Committee on Campaign Finance Reform.
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