Tell Congress: Support Family Farmers and Ranchers in the 2024 Farm Bill!

The United States House Agriculture Committee is set to consider the Farm, Food, and National Security Act of 2024 on Thursday, May 23.

Members of Congress and the Committee need to know that as a Farmers Union member or supporter, you support a farm bill that promotes a stronger farm safety net, builds fairer and more competitive markets, and creates better opportunities for the next generation of farmers.

The current draft of the bill includes several Farmers Union priorities, including improvements to crop insurance and other safety net programs. There are also areas that could be improved – notably, the bill does not include provisions to increase competition and transparency in the agriculture economy, and the current draft also includes nutrition program provisions that will make it harder for the most vulnerable to feed their families. While the draft retains some important new investments in voluntary conservation programs, it also removes important new opportunities for farmers to play a role in fighting climate change.

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