Support Immigrant Workers and Domestic Violence Survivors!

Fear of immigration consequences prevents immigrant workers from reporting endemic wage theft, unsafe workplace conditions, and other exploitation. And, according to MA Dept. of Public Health data, immigrants suffering intimate partner violence are twice as likely to be killed by their abusers as are the native born.

Longstanding state and local involvement in deportations impedes access to court and police protection for immigrant victims of crimes and exploitation, as well as medical care. Many such victims—and their children—fear that seeking help will result in deportation and family separation, and do not report the abuse.

The Massachusetts Safe Communities Act ( S.1579 and H.2418) would end voluntary police and court involvement in deportations, which remains an urgent public health and public safety priority. Our state’s involvement in deportations preceded the Trump administration and will continue without state action. And state action requires our legislators to demonstrate a supermajority of support for the bill in both the House and the Senate. Here’s how you can help:

Urge your legislator to support the Safe Communities Act today. Use our form to email your own state legislators in just a few minutes.

Passing the Safe Communities Act will communicate loud and clear that in Massachusetts, everyone can seek help, protections and treatment without fear of deportation. This is a message that immigrant communities desperately need to hear.

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