Support the Food Donation Tax Credit


Want to help lift up the voices of family farmers who are working to provide healthy foods in communities across Maryland? There are ways you can act to make positive change right now. There is legislation working its way through the legislature.

The Food Donation Pilot Program sponsored by Sen. "Mac" Middleton in the Senate (SB 416), and sponsored in the House by Del. Sally Jameson (HB 472), would allow farmers to donate leftover farm foods to nonprofits and food pantries to receive a tax credit.

Did you know that up to 40 percent of food is wasted in America?

The Food Donation Program would allow farmers in six counties: Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Montgomery, Prince George’s and St. Mary’s to get a tax credit for donated food items. In the bill, there is a built-in incentive for producers to donate organic produce, since they receive a 75 percent credit for organic foods (otherwise it is a 50 percent credit), and for those donating foods, if the tax credit exceeds their state tax payments, they can carry over the credit to the next year (up to five years).

Thank you for helping us to get this law passed. Submit your name, email and zip code at right to generate the letter to your legislators.

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