Support more homes for all in SF's upcoming housing plan!

Support more homes in SF's new housing plan. Send an email today!

Support more homes in San Francisco’s housing plan!

The City of San Francisco is currently drafting its Housing Element—a new plan for how to build housing over the next eight years. It’s incredibly important that city leaders hear from people like you that SF’s housing plan must make bold changes to alleviate our housing crisis. These include:

  1. Streamlining housing approvals to reduce building costs and make new homes available for residents sooner.

  2. Prioritizing new housing for high-opportunity neighborhoods on the west side, where low-income and BIPOC communities have historically been excluded.

  3. Pursuing a social housing program that builds high-quality housing for people of all income levels.

Please take one minute to send an email to the Planning Commission demanding more homes and more equity!

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