Support Plans for the Ward 5 Family Shelter


We Welcome Homeless Families to 1700 Rhode Island Ave, NE

In order to replace DC General, a decrepit, unsafe and institutional shelter for homeless families, Mayor Bowser is opening 6 smaller and more humane facilities throughout DC, where families experiencing a housing crisis can receive the support they need. The Ward 5 site is at 1700 Rhode Island Ave, NE.

We recognize that DC is experiencing a severe shortage of affordable housing that affects many of us, our neighbors, our friends and community members. As a result, family homelessness has been rising and is at an unprecedented level.

Brookland is a welcoming and diverse community that can and should strongly support our neighbors in crisis. We have heard concerns about the height of the building, about parking, about design, and we have heard speculation about the impact that welcoming homeless families will have on our neighborhood. We balance those concerns against the needs of the families, of the children, for sufficient space in their living space and for a safe and healthy environment in which to receive services. We also balance our neighbors’ concerns against our desire to live our values and to teach our children that caring for one another and creating a just and inclusive community starts here, in our backyard.

We strongly support the building of a short term housing facility for families at 1700 Rhode Island Ave NE.

Henri Makembe
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Washington, District of Columbia
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