Support raising the minimum wage to $15 in California

Governor Brown just announced historic legislation to raise California's minimum wage to $15! We are SO close to being the first state in the nation to pass a $15 minimum wage but we need you to spare 2 minutes to ensure this legislation passes.

Today half of California’s workers earn wages that are lower than they were 35 years ago! Californians deserve better. This legislation would not only raise the minimum wage, it would also ensure 3 paid sick days for ALL workers in California! Email your legislator and tell them the time to support raising California's wage now!

Four years ago, when a group of workers bravely stood together to demand our country raise the minimum wage to $15, it didn’t seem possible. And although this legislation is being reported on very positively, it’s passage is not a sure bet. But together we can push California to make history with the first $15 statewide minimum wage. Join us in telling our elected leaders the time is now to raise our minimum wage.
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