Write to your NYC Council Member: Build Resilience, Pass 2092


New York City Council is now considering Intro 2092, a bill that would require infrastructure in every neighborhood to meet the City’s Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines. This would ensure that new City facilities—like schools, libraries, bridges, and affordable housing developments—are designed to withstand the climate threats of the future.

Passing Intro 2092 will:

  • Make communities safer and less impacted by disasters.
  • Establish a resiliency score for easy assessment like letter grades.
  • Strengthen our buildings and infrastructure and save taxpayers millions of dollars by reducing costly damage from extreme weather.
  • Make New York City a leader in climate-smart construction.

Hurricane Sandy and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic, have underscored our lack of preparedness for the climate crisis. From our homes to our parks, we depend on infrastructure for every aspect of our lives. And, from flooding to extreme heat, climate change threatens the functioning of that infrastructure, impacting how we live, whether we can get to our jobs, and whether we have electricity and communication networks after a storm.

Act now by sending a letter today!

Letter Campaign by
Rise  2 Resilience
New York, New York