Support Saint Paul's Sustainable To-Go Initiative

Dear City Council member,

We are writing to express our official support to be entered into the public record for the passage of the Sustainable To-Go Packaging Ordinance. Across the country, municipalities are taking direct action to reduce waste, protect the environment, and improve the health of their residents. We consider Saint Paul to be a forward-thinking and productive city and we hope you will continue that legacy with a “Yes” vote to require reusable, recyclable, or compostable containers at our restaurants.

While lowering waste can seem daunting to businesses and individuals throughout the city, simple changes in our practices can make a big difference for minimizing our impact. The incremental step of reducing food packaging waste will have a tremendous cumulative effect in the long term. As with any sweeping change, we understand there are concerns regarding the transition to sustainable packaging and support creative means of compliance, including support for initial investments, cooperative purchasing, and providing education and support.

Please vote "Yes" on March 6th in favor of the Sustainable To-Go Packaging ordinance amendment update for a more sustainable Saint Paul.

Thank you!

Letter Campaign by
Zero Waste  Saint Paul
Saint Paul, Minnesota