Support SB 330: Streamlining Housing & Tenant Right to Return Omnimus Bill

SB 330 will close many loopholes cities use to deny or prevent housing. In addition, it would create tenant-protecting demolition controls in state law that apply generally and not as an exception to a program.

SB 330 got out of the state Senate! Use this emailer to send a message of support for SB 330 to your Assemblymember.

On the production side, this bill would declare a statewide housing emergency. Through January 2030, SB 330's multi-pronged approach would:

  • streamline project approvals
  • freeze zoning controls once an application is deemed complete
  • restrict the assessment of fees to 2018 levels
  • limit new legislation that would impede residential development
  • suspend the applicability of certain development standards
  • create new minimum standards for occupied substandard buildings

Most of these provisions would only apply in cities and counties with high rents and low vacancies.

Read more about which cities might qualify here. Read more about the details of the bill here. This bill is part of the CASA compact.


This bill is great example of "development without displacement," incorporating both pro-housing aspects and pro-tenant protections into a single bill. The demolition controls would prevent some demolitions outright, and require replacement affordable housing and a right to return for tenants when demolitions are permitted. Meanwhile streamlining process will help ensure more housing projects move forward across the state.

California is in the midst of an unprecedented housing shortage. But many cities are making it harder, not easier, to get housing built. From tightening requirements to re-zoning land to reduce the allowable number of homes, communities have been very creative about the tools they use to make building housing harder! Housing proposals can sit for years while they wait for approval from commissions and city councils.

SB 330 would prevent some of the nonsense in permitting housing. All existing standards would remain in place, but cities should not make it more difficult. It would require cities to speed up approvals for housing projects that meet all objective criteria. As the state gets serious about tackling our housing shortage, SB 330 will help ensure our new state housing laws will actually lead to new housing.

SB 330 is opposed by Livable California and the League of CA Cities, so you know it's good.

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