Support SB 698, Make University of California Answer for Shorting Worker Pay

The Clerical, Administrative, and Skilled Trades workers of the University of California System ensure that UC campuses, hospitals, and other facilities operate smoothly and safely day-to-day for students, faculty, staff, and the general public. Our work makes the UC work.

The UC’s new payroll, benefits, and transaction system, UCPath, has caused unnecessary hardships for UC workers statewide even as it has run hundreds of millions of dollars over budget and full implementation has been delayed years past schedule. UC workers have seen short/missing paychecks, incorrect benefits accruals, and other issues that threaten our ability to provide for ourselves and our families.

Instead of taking responsibility, the University has continued to implement UCPath with too few staff at the UCPath center and claimed they are exempt from the wage and hour laws all other state employers must abide by. SB 698 would make clear that UC is not above the law and that it can be held accountable for harmful payroll errors that negatively impact UC workers’ livelihoods.

Tell your legislators to restore justice and support UC workers and California families by supporting SB 698.

Letter Campaign by
Teamsters Local 2010
Oakland, California