Support SmBiz Rent Relief

We need small business rent relief now because small businesses employ over half our state's private workforce and they represent over 99% of all businesses in New York. WE HAVE ALREAD LOST TENS OF THOUSAND OF SMALL BUSINESSES AND MILLIONS OF JOBS. Half of New York's small businesses are at risk of failing this year without sufficient rent relief...this will be a loss of over 2 millions jobs and over $500 billion dollars of our state's GDP; a hole that will take close to 10 years to climb out of. Businesses that have closed permanently during the pandemic have cited rent debt as the number one reason. As small businesses close permanently this puts pressure on small landlords and makes it impossible to meet their mortgage payments. Small businesses and small landlords are in a rent crisis and we need your help to save them.

Your state representatives must hear from you about bill numbers A3190 and S3349, bills sponsored by State Assembly Member Harvey Epstein and State Senator Brad Hoylman to provide commercial rent relief for COVID-19 impacted small businesses and nonprofit tenants and create a framework for sharing the burden of this crisis among tenants, landlords, and government.

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