Support the Housing is A Human Right Bill Package- YES on SB 567, 555, 225!

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No matter what we look like, how much we earn, or where we lay our heads down to sleep, we all need a safe place to call home. That’s why we need the Housing is a Human Right Bill Package!

Email your legislators now to pass the Housing is a Human Right Bill Package!

This bill package addresses homelessness immediately and for the long haul by:

  • preventing low-income renters from being pushed into homelessness (SB 567)

  • acquiring and preserving affordable housing across California (SB 225), and

  • setting a goal for California to create 1.2 million affordable homes- both through new construction and by acquisition and preservation of existing housing (SB 555).

Combined, these solutions are a comprehensive plan to end homelessness in our state.

By working together, we can demand bold action that makes all of California a place where everyone has a roof over their head and all of our families can thrive.

Email your State Senator now!

More on each bill part of this bill package:

Homelessness Prevention

Renters in California are not afforded the same stabilizing consumer protections that homeowners benefit from. This unjust disparity is one of the reasons more and more people experience being homeless for the first time, at a larger rate than are being housed. Currently Landlords can get around state law & evict for the potential of future profits, unloading the cost of homelessness on local economies and the California taxpayer in the millions. The Homelessness Prevention Act, SB 567, builds on existing law to prevent California’s low-income renters from experiencing homelessness.

Affordable Housing Preservation

Years of failing to invest in affordable housing while some California corporations have raked in billions has driven up rents, rapidly disappearing our affordable housing stock. The Community Anti-Displacement Preservation Program (CAPP), SB 225 would be a new state program for monies to acquire and preserve existing affordable housing and prevent displacement.

Affordable Housing Preservation and Production Plan

We can’t wait any longer for the homes our communities need. The Stable Affordable Homes Act, SB 555 directs the state to create a 10 year plan to construct, acquire and preserve 1.2 million affordable homes with community engagement.

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