Take Action Now! Tell the CA Senate to Support the LAW Act (AB437)!

Exclusivity contracts are outdated and harmful to creative artists and their families. The Let Artists Work Act clarifies that ALL workers in California may work multiple jobs to make ends meet and provide for their families. This freedom of mobility for workers is essential and benefits all Californians.

The amount of downtime between seasons has increased from 5 months to 14 months since 2009—that’s a long time to be out of work, and it has severe financial impacts on actors and their families.

Producers have moved their production and exhibition models into the 21st Century and it’s time they allow their employees to join them. Forced unemployment is unethical and outrageous.

This bill will allow actors to work multiple jobs without penalty. To get this done, we need your help!

Contact the members of the CA Senate and urge them to support California’s creative workers and pass the LAW Act!

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