Support the Raise Up Massachusetts Campaigns!


As the 2021 legislative session gets underway, the Raise Up Massachusetts coalition has a set of familiar legislative priorities that we need your help to pass! COVID-19 has laid bare the inherent inequities of the Massachusetts economy - as working families have lost jobs, stared down evictions, and stood in ever growing food pantry lines, the wealthiest members of our society have seen incredible pandemic profits!

This isn’t new, this inequity is systemic and now, more than ever, we need a government response that meets the rising needs of our communities. Our legislators must provide a just recovery for working people which asks large, profitable corporations and multimillionaires to pay their fair share in taxes while protecting working people from the harms of the ongoing pandemic.

Take action now! Take 2 minutes to email your legislator, asking them to support the below Raise Up Massachusetts campaigns:

  1. The Fair Share Amendment! Ask your elected officials to support this policy by ensuring it is brought up for a second constitutional convention and receives a YES vote from them when it does! Fair Share would add a 4% tax on annual income over $1 million and dedicate the revenue to transportation and public education.
  2. Emergency Paid Sick Time! Working people should not be forced to make the impossible choice between going to work while sick during a pandemic or getting the pay they need to put food on the table. This policy would provide 10 additional work-days (80 hours) of job-protected paid sick time for immediate use during the pandemic.
  3. GILTI! Some of the largest, most profitable businesses in Massachusetts are multinational corporations who use unfair tax schemes to shift their profits overseas and away from U.S. tax collectors. This policy would allow Massachusetts to track down those bad actors and tax those offshore profits.
  4. Increase the Corporate Tax Rate! Before 2009, the corporate tax rate was 9.5%. By restoring the current 8.0% tax rate to 9.5% we can generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new state revenue back into the recovery of our communities - all from profitable corporations.

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