Support the Sackler ACT becoming a LAW!

The Sacklers are demanding Immunity and non-debtor releases in the Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy case even though they themselves are NOT declaring bankruptcy. I call this a BANKRUPTCY SCAM and we need the Sackler ACT to become law to prevent this miscarriage of justice from happening. For more information please visit:

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The Stop shielding Assets from Corporate Known Liability by Eliminating non-debtor Releases (SACKLER) Act

The SACKLER Act amends a section of the Bankruptcy Code, 11 U.S.C. § 105, to prohibit a bankruptcy court from releasing non-debtors from liability for suits brought by government entities. Lack of clarity in current law has enabled certain bankruptcy courts to release non-debtors from liability in litigation outside of bankruptcy. The SACKLER Act clarifies this uncertainty by specifying that a bankruptcy court cannot release claims brought by states, Tribes, municipalities, or the U.S. government, against non-debtors. The Act would ensure that individuals accused of wrongdoing by government actors are held accountable for their illegality and would be effective immediately.

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