Support the S.W.E.A.T Bill A486/S2844

Help stop wage theft in NYS!

Reports estimate that over $1 billion is stolen from workers each year in NYS.

The SWEAT bill will give workers and advocates the necessary tools so that workers can actually collect their unpaid wages when they win in court or in the Department of Labor. It will create a mechanism for workers, their advocates and even the government to lien (freeze) the assets of the business and employer until the conclusion of the investigation.

We all work hard. Shouldn't we get paid for it? Wage theft hurts workers, their families who rely on them, and law-abiding businesses. It drags down wages for all workers and renders our wage laws meaningless.

The bill is on the floor of the Senate and Assembly but there is a lot of opposition from unscrupulous employers who want to keep the loopholes in the laws so they can continue to get away with cheating their workers. Make sure your state legislator hears from you- working people in NYS who say enough is enough!

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