Tell Your Lawmakers: Support Comprehensive COVID Recovery

It only takes 30 seconds and 2 quick steps to write to your U.S. senators and representatives to help make a difference for millions of Georgians hurting due to COVID-19.

Step 1: Fill out your information on the form below to start writing.
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Hardship is still high in Georgia as our communities deal with the effects of COVID-19. As of early May, nearly one-third of Georgia families were struggling to afford usual household expenses.

Your lawmakers in Congress have the opportunity to improve the lives of Georgians. They face opportunties to improve access to health care, child care and higher education. They can increase the availability of jobs that pay a living wage. And they can cut child poverty in half. Georgians need their lawmakers to make decisions that will help them recover and thrive from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Write your lawmakers and ask them to approve the provisions proposed in both the American Families Plan and the American Jobs Plan in order to help our communities move forward -- and then build on the plans to advance prosperity in every community.