Stand with Susiya and Khan al Ahmar

Now is the time to press forward to keep the Palestinian village of Susiya standing. Also, the Palestinian Bedouin village of Khan Al Ahmar is awaiting notice that will trigger equally fast-moving High Court proceedings.

So far, President Trump and the U.S. Ambassador to Israel have avoided public expressions of concern to keep Palestinian villages standing, and the Israeli Gov’t is pushing hard for demolitions. On February 1st, the Israeli High Court ruled that seven structures in Susiya can be demolished. On February 14th, Israeli Civil Administration officials entered the village to take photographs. This usually means that demolitions will occur within three days.

The structures at risk of being bulldozed include numerous homes. Their demolition would leave 42 people homeless, over half of them children.

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Each time three or more people send an email, Rebuilding Alliance schedules emergency conference calls with your House and Senate offices to urge them to take action to keep Susiya standing. We'll ask you to join when your members of Congress confirm, because they promise to intervene on your behalf as their constituent, whenever you face an urgent issue with a Federal agency.

Here is part of the village of Susiya — they live in tents because they are prevented from building.

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