Take action: Demand a new legislative session to stop tax breaks benefiting the rich

The legislature says there’s no money to help Oregon students go to community college, yet it has done nothing to stop $225 million in new tax cuts mostly for the rich and corporations. That’s wrong.

Tell the Governor and legislature to hold another special session. This time, lawmakers must pull the plug on tax breaks for the most privileged Oregonians.

The legislature cut $3.6 million from the Oregon Promise Grant program that helps kids go to college. Yes, the legislature literally broke its promise to Oregon students, rather than cut tax breaks for the rich.

These costly tax breaks are brand new, and were never vetted by the Oregon legislature. Oregon’s tax code connects to the federal tax code, and several months ago Congress used the pandemic as an excuse to create a batch of new tax breaks that mostly go to rich business owners and corporations. The Oregon legislature, however, can still vote to reject the tax breaks.

Tell Oregon lawmakers to reject the new federal tax breaks benefiting the rich and corporations.

One of these tax breaks alone will deliver 90 percent of the benefits to people making $1 million or more a year. It’s tax break that helps only very rich people. About 1,000 rich business owners will get, on average, a tax break worth a whopping $90,000. That’s just from one tax break.

At a time when Oregonians are struggling to put food on the table, pay the rent, or attend college, it’s wrong to lavish $225 million on the rich and corporations.

Tell the Oregon legislature: immediately meet in a special session to disconnect from the new federal tax breaks for the rich and corporations.