Take action for Seattle tenants!


Take Action for Seattle Tenants!

The Seattle City Council is currently making 2020 budget decisions. We’re grateful that the Council continues to express support for renters, but we need more. Please take action this week to ensure the Council listens to and supports the renters who make up 54% of the population of the City of Seattle.

Here at the Tenants Union we are on track to serve thousands of renters this year in Seattle alone. But we’re still not able to help every Seattle tenant trying to access our programs. We’re excited at the prospect of funding more tenant outreach, but we still aren’t able to help every tenant who comes to our door. Please tell your Councilmembers that Seattle tenants need more funding to truly support renter services and outreach in our city.

Here’s how you can support:

  • Call AND email your Councilmembers! Everyone in Seattle city limits is represented by a district council member as well as at-large Councilmembers. Find your district here! Send an email with a personal story about how important tenant outreach and education is, and urge your councilmembers to fund tenant rights work! Send an email through this action network campaign, by entering your info on the right and adding your own details.

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