Contact Your Members of Congress

Tell your Members of Congress protect your retirement security. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you write your email:

  • Enter your street address using the form to the right and the system will identify your Members of Congress. Please note that if you do not have a U.S. address, the system cannot identify your Members of Congress.
  • You may see that some Members of Congress require constituents to enter additional information, such as a phone number or “Your Letter Topic”. These letter topic categories are determined by each individual Member of Congress, are not consistent between individual Members of Congress and are not determined by the AFM-EPF. Select the category that you think is the best fit, which will help Congressional staff review your email.
  • We have included sample text for your email, but feel free to edit as you wish. It is important that you tell your own story. You can refer to the “Plan What to Say” section on the "Contact Congress" page for ideas.
  • Your email will be sent to all three of your Members of Congress. A salutation (e.g. “Dear Senator”) will be automatically added to the beginning of the email and a sign-off ("Thank you, [your name]") will be added at the end with your email address and street address so that the Member of Congress is able to send you a reply.
  • The system will not provide you with a copy of your email. If you would like to keep a copy for your files, we suggest copying and pasting the email text elsewhere before you click “Send Letters.”
  • Some Members of Congress are better than others at responding to constituent emails and some are more familiar than others about the multiemployer pension crisis. That’s why it’s so important that multiemployer pension participants across the country make their voices heard! If you don’t hear back from certain Members of Congress or you receive a form response, don’t be discouraged.