Take Action to Support Municipal Reforestation

Currently two bills in the Massachusetts legislature, S.504 and H.905, (An Act Establishing the Municipal Reforestation Program), currently in the Senate Ways and Means Committee, will have a major impact on protecting and restoring the urban tree cover in Massachusetts. In doing so, we will take a major step to protect and restore nature’s ability to sequester carbon (reducing the ravages of our continued use of fossil fuels); provide protection from urban heat islands (which disproportionately occur in low income communities); provide protection from storm runoff and decrease local flooding. We urge you to write to your Senator and Representative, and call on them to 1) co-sponsor these important bills, and 2) ask them to contact their Senate Colleagues on the Senate Ways and Means Committee and urge them to take favorable action on these important bills.

Please use this letter writing tool to send a message to the Massachusetts Legislature!