Tax the Rich and Cancel Rent - Write to your Reps!


During this pandemic, our homes are what keep us healthy. Yet many of us are at risk of losing our homes and our livelihoods. 1.3 million households in New York State have fallen behind on rent due to COVID-19. These tenants may face eviction as soon as May 1, when the statewide eviction moratorium ends. Those who can't pay rent may lose their homes in the middle of the pandemic, and those who manage to pay may nonetheless face arbitrary retaliation or non-renewal. With 92,000 New Yorkers in need of housing, homelessness has never been higher.

Despite that, there is $0 state funding to scrap the back rent in Governor Cuomo’s proposed 2021 New York State budget.

Governor Cuomo is failing us in our time of greatest need. Join us in demanding our state representatives stand up to Cuomo and forgive all unpaid rent, protect tenants from unfair rent hikes and dangerous evictions, house the homeless, and invest in our New York.

By taxing the rich, we can support safe, stable housing for everyone.

Please use this form to write a letter to your State representatives! We've provided some sample language, but  personalize it with your own housing story! Keep it short and sweet! The letter calls on your elected officials to support:

These key pieces of legislation MUST be included in the New York State budget. In order to pay for these critical priorities, our legislators should support the Invest in Our New York Act—a package of six bills to raise $50 billion in revenue in 2021.

Together, these bills and commitments support a just economic recovery for all. We CAN #CancelRent, house the homeless, prohibit evictions without #GoodCause, and Invest in Our New York.