STOP HB 327 - Say NO to hate and censorship in Ohio Education

STOP HB 327 NOW! It is clear this bill is an instrument for misinformation and hate in Ohio education.

HB 327 Sponsor Rep. Fowler Arthur's recent remarks about the Holocaust further demonstrate that this bill is designed to whitewash history and perpetuate antisemitism, racism, and hate.

Her gross misrepresentation about the horrors and death toll of the Holocaust (and her lack of accountability) is a stain on her leadership and any elected leader who continues to support this bill.

There is NO place for hate, antisemitism, racism, and propaganda in education. Do not allow our state leaders to use their elected seats to re-write history, hide the truth from our students, and promote hate and fear across Ohio. Students need to learn all aspects of our complicated history to build pathways for understanding, healing, and unity.

Send an email to House State and Local Government Committee members telling them to STOP HB 327.