Tell Arkansas Officials to Reject Educational Censorship

Image attribution: Ali Noland

The Arkansas legislature is currently considering two dangerous bills that would impose an educational gag rule on our public schools, colleges, and universities.

House Bill 1218 and House Bill 1231, both filed by Representative Mark Lowery of Maumelle, are based on the misguided idea that we can create "unity" by silencing any discussion on issues like race, gender, religion, class, or political affiliation. House Bill 1218 prohibits schools from teaching lessons or sponsoring events or activities that "promote social justice" or "advocate solidarity" among groups of students. House Bill 1231 prevents schools from using The 1619 Project, a product of The New York Times, in public schools, regardless of how this resource is used.

Please use the attached form to email Representative Lowery, the members of the House Education Committee, and Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and ask them to oppose these dangerous and unconstitutional bills.

We must be able to teach the next generation of Arkansas leaders the important critical-thinking skills they will need in order to evaluate difficult issues on their own. We can't get there by censoring our teachers and shielding our students from any topic that may be complex or difficult.

Moreover, these bills would also cost millions in taxpayer money to replace existing textbooks and programs, and it would make it much more difficult for our colleges and universities to attract qualified students and faculty. They would also prohibit many popular student groups and organizations.

Letter Campaign by
Ali Brady
Little Rock, Arkansas