Tell Chicago that you want to #DemocratizeComEd

For the first time in 30 years, the city of Chicago is re-negotiating its agreement with our electric utility, ComEd. The City of Chicago is requesting feedback from citizens about the new agreement they are negotiating. Send a letter to city officials today, telling them how issues of electric bill affordability, clean energy, and utility corruption matter to you! This is an opportunity to shape the city's negotiations on a franchise agreement that will provide clean affordable energy to everyone in Chicago.

Democratize ComEd is a campaign to establish a municipal utility in Chicago and turn our electric infrastructure into a democratically controlled public that serves everyone. We need a utility that will address utility burden and skyrocketing delivery rates, that will take ambitious action to build a 100% clean energy grid, and will be governed by and for the people of Chicago, keeping money in our communities, not in the pockets of shareholders.

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