Tell Congress: fund the democracy movement in Myanmar

Tell Congress to fully fund the democracy movement in Myanmar

As Congress prepares the Fiscal Year 2024 Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs (SFOPS) appropriations budget, we are urging that Congress appropriate sufficient money to implement the BURMA Act, while continuing essential assistance in the face of the ongoing political and humanitarian crisis in Burma.

The people of Burma continue to struggle in the aftermath of the Burmese military’s February 2021 coup. The United States must provide the funding required to support pro-democracy stakeholders in Burma, isolate the Burmese military diplomatically and economically, and push for a peaceful end to the crisis and facilitate a pathway to democracy for its people.

At present, the House of Representatives and the Senate have have each produced their own version of the FY24 SFOPS appropriations bill. The House version would defund programs that in the past have been a source of assistance for Burma. By contrast to the House version, the Senate version provides provides more funding while also drawing on the BURMA Act to require technical and material assistance to prevent atrocities, protect civilians, investigate human rights violations, and aid Myanmar military deserters and political prisoners.

Take action today to tell your Members of Congress to ensure that the Senate version of the FY24 SFOPS appropriations bill regarding Burma-related programs takes precedence over the House version.