Tell Congress: Impeach Attorney General Barr

Before anyone could see the Mueller report, Attorney General William Barr chose to tell the American public that the report effectively exonerated Donald Trump. It's just not true — and as we learned on April 30th, Robert Mueller sent Barr a letter saying that Barr "did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance" of Mueller's work.

When asked by Congress under oath in early April if Mueller agreed with Barr's characterization, Barr claimed to not know, even though he'd heard loud and clear that Mueller disagreed in late March. This is perjury.

And when Barr did release a redacted report, it showed a different story about Trump's complicity in attempting to impede the Trump-Russia investigation.

Barr has used his position as our nation's chief law enforcement officer to protect the president, rather than seek justice. He has misled Congress and the American people. He needs to resign—and if he does not, Congress should impeach him.

It is time for the American people and our Congress to force Attorney General William Barr to resign — and Congress must impeach him if he refuses.

After a clearly biased and unjust summary of the Mueller report and an unprecedented press conference attempting to mislead the American people, it was evident that this substandard attorney general needs to resign immediately.

Barr then escalated the fight with Congress, refusing to appear before the House Judiciary Committee on May 2nd. He is now in contempt of Congress.

And in the Senate on May 1st, he reiterated his deceptions claiming that Trump telling the White House counsel to lie to cover for him was not a crime.

After these revelations, multiple Senators and prominent figures have called on him to resign.

The U.S. attorney general is supposed to protect the Constitution and the American people. He should not be working solely to protect a corrupt president, especially one that has pushed forward an aggressively anti-immigrant, xenophobic, and racist agenda in addition to possibly working to undermine an investigation into his own administration.

Send a letter to Congress today demanding Barr be impeached.