Tell Congress: Push back on Trump, Support the Paris Climate Agreement

Trump announced he will pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, which is a truly disastrous move for the future of our planet - but this move will not become official for years so we will still have time to stop him.

Take action today and tell your members of Congress to push back on Trump’s anti-science knuckle-dragging and support the Paris agreement. Tell them to join the coalition forming of mayors and governors across the country who are fighting climate change.

And the Democratic House just passed the Climate Action Now Act, which aims to re-affirm America's commitment to the Paris accord.

We are at a turning point right now. Climate change and related extreme weather events are already impacting our communities and the natural resources we depend on.

Droughts and flooding are becoming more intense, the oceans are becoming more acidic, our water supplies are shrinking, agricultural yields are dropping, sea levels are rising, and forests are burning in unprecedented wildfires.

Extreme weather events are costing American communities billions of dollars annually - not to mention we will be missing the boost to our economy that comes with embracing a renewable energy future.

If we do nothing, these impacts threaten to grow increasingly severe and costly over time. But the climate agreement reached in Paris offers us a real opportunity to act together to limit the damage and ensure a safer future for our children. We must seize this historic opportunity.

Take action today and tell your members of Congress to join the growing coalition of governor and mayors and support the Paris agreement.