Tell Congress: Push Back on Trump's Cruel Deportations and Jailing of Children


President Trump has signed an executive action that would end the administration’s policy of separating migrant families crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, abandoning the president’s previous stance that only Congress can fix the problem.

All the administration's executive action will accomplish is jailing children with their parents at the at the border.  

FACT: This Executive Order does not stop the administration from putting children In detention.

Let’s be clear this administration is just trying to fix a crisis they created at the border by separating children from their families and locking them up in detention camps.

We must keep the pressure on the administration - keep lifting up your outrage.

They may have caved under pressure today with this executive order, but this administration is still responsible for putting children in cages.

This new Executive Order does nothing to solve the inhumane treatment of families on the border. As they will still be putting children in jails.

They are only covering up the mess he made because he came under public pressure.

Families belong in communities, not cages. They still must end the cruel mistreatment and disgrace in our country.

As Congress kicks the can down the road on passing immigration reform, people who could be included in reform are continuing to be deported each day. At the same time, Congress needs to step in and stop the deplorable practice of jailing children.

First of all, Congress needs to support the bipartisan legislation to protect DREAMers that was crafted by Sens. Durbin and Graham.

Secondly, Congress should not give Trump a dime towards his racist, wasteful border wall.

People who came to the US looking for a better life, to provide for their families, and who call it home are pursuing political equality but may be taken away before a path to citizenship opens.

Right now, the government is spending $18 billion dollars each year, just on immigration enforcement. It's more than all other federal law enforcement agencies' budgets, combined. That wasteful spending isn't just destroying families. It hurts our communities, divides families, removes hard-working people who contribute to our neighborhoods and our civic life, and ultimately undermines our democracy.

Stopping deportations is sensible and humane. It resolves a crisis thousands are facing instead of prolonging it. And the practice of jailing children is cruel and inhumane and needs to stop immediately.

It makes sense to cease the removals today of the people that Congress could make citizens tomorrow. The President will apparently not deport Dreamers and has the ability to extend that same relief to their parents, neighbors, and all who could become citizens under immigration reform.

Tell your reps and senators to urge Trump to suspend deportations and family separations as Congress works to pass immigration reform. Make sure those seeking a path to citizenship aren't deported before it even opens - and let's stop jailing children, too.