Tell Congress to Restore Tax Fairness for Entertainment Workers!

As working-class musicians, stage managers, singers, dancers, actors, stagehands and other arts workers across the country return to work, the last thing they need is a tax code that punishes them for seeking work. The Performing Artist Tax Parity Act fixes this problem!

Most arts workers are employees, not contractors, who spend 20 to 30 percent of their income on necessary expenses — such as to pay for transportation, a talent agent, camera gear, rigging equipment, cosmetic supplies, or digital software — to gain employment. Unfortunately, the last tax reform bill eliminated the ability of arts workers to deduct these common business expenses.

Ask your member of Congress to cosponsor the bipartisan Performing Artist Tax Parity Act, H.R. 2871 introduced by Reps. Judy Chu (D-CA) and Vern Buchanan (R-FL).

The bill updates the Qualified Performing Artist (QPA) deduction, modernizing a provision that has been on the books since it was signed into law in the 1980s by President Reagan, so that middle-class arts workers today can deduct their common business expenses.

If your member of Congress is already a co-sponsor, you will be prompted to send them a thank you note!