Tell Eureka's elected officials: STOP the Eureka F Street Super Corridor

F & Oak Streets

The residential areas of F St./Herrick Ave. have seen a dramatic increase in both the volume and the speed of traffic.

It is unacceptable that this corridor has become the de facto bypass around Eureka without public input or proper review and planning.

We who live in these neighborhoods often see cars going nearly 50 MPH in this residential area while semi-trucks, logging trucks and dump trucks use this as a bypass around Broadway/Hwy 101 creating noisy, unsafe conditions, and decreasing our property values.

We the community who has been effected by decisions impacting our neighborhoods demand:

  • City and county leaders meet with the neighbors in this area and immediately implement a plan to address these safety issues.
  • A consult with a professional third party, for unbiased, scientific studies of the area, and an update the Redwood Coast Action Agency Walkability Report that was conducted a decade ago.
  • Neighborhoods along the H/I Street, E/F Street, and Herrick Ave will be properly notified with timely notices BEFORE making decisions, having meetings, or making any changes proposed to the Eureka F Street Super Corridor.

The neighborhoods along this corridor have endured these conditions far too long. It is time that we are heard and our concerns are addressed.

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