Tell Federal Judges New Orleans Doesn’t Need Another Jail!


City officials will submit plans to Judge Lance M. Africk and Magistrate Michael B. North to consider an alternative to building an additional Phase III jail facility. Judge Africk and Magistrate North will then make a ruling based on the city’s recent submission of a plan not to build the proposed new Phase III jail facility.

Magistrate North and Judge Africk have the power to stop Phase III. We need to demand that they do so. We’ve always known a new jail facility is the last thing our community needs. In light of the economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic and OPPRC’s efforts to decrease the jail population, a new facility is not necessary and will only negatively impact our community-in-need. Stopping the construction of a new facility also gives us the chance to build a community-based facility to provide care for people with serious mental illness.

Let’s make sure Magistrate North and Judge Africk know that New Orleans doesn’t need a new jail facility!

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