Tell Governor Pritzker: Make CPS Negotiate a Safe Re-Opening. Sign HB 2275!

Instead of investing in remote learning and more equitable vaccine distribution, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is creating a crisis in our public schools--forcing an unsafe school re-opening, teacher lockouts, and a potential strike on the students and families who have been hit hardest by this deadly pandemic.

We need Governor J.B. Pritzker to stand up for us. In January, lawmakers passed HB 2275, which would restore the Chicago Teachers Union's collective bargaining rights and force CPS, like every other school district in Illinois, to bargain over the conditions of a safe school re-opening.

80% of CPS families, the overwhelming majority of them Black, Latinx, and poor and working-class, are staying remote because we can not and do not trust Chicago Public Schools' promises. A safe return means putting the conditions in writing at the bargaining table with CTU--and the sooner Gov. Pritzker signs HB 2275 into law, the sooner that will happen.

Send a letter to Governor Pritzker and ask that he sign HB 2275 immediately.

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