Email GIP to Cancel the Rio Grande LNG

Bekah Hinojosa

The proposed Rio Grande LNG terminal in Brownsville Texas poses a threat to local South Texas communities and contributes to global warming. Yet, the private equity firm Global Infrastructure Partners, with the largest ownership stake in the project, has escaped public scrutiny. Join us in urging GIP to cancel the Rio Grande LNG terminal project.

Global Infrastructure Partners has the a minimum 46% ownership stake in the proposed Rio Grande LNG terminal. Because of the opaque nature of its business model, private equity firms like GIP can hide in the shadows as they drives fossil fuel expansion. Unfortunately, the local communities around these new LNG projects will be the first to bear the brunt of the facilities’ environmental hazards, all while leaked methane accelerates global temperature rise.

The Rio Grande LNG terminal is estimated to emit the equivalent emissions of 44 coal power plants every year, about 163 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. The terminal would be built on sacred land of the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas yet Rio Grande LNG, regulatory agencies and banks have all failed to consult with the tribe on local impacts. Additionally, the facilities would significantly degrade local fishing, shrimping and natural tourism industries putting communities' livelihoods at risk.