ACT NOW: Protect SoonerCare for thousands of Oklahoma families

NOTE: As of October 1st, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority has concluded its public comment period on the Medicaid plan. Next, OHCA will send the proposal and public comments to the federal Medicaid agency for consideration. A new public comment period will open in mid-October when the federal Medicaid agency requests feedback on the proposal. Sign up for email alerts to be updated on the latest developments.

Tell the Health Care Authority that the state’s new SoonerCare proposal will hurt Oklahoma families and they should withdraw it!

An Oklahoman taking care of her children and elderly mother should not have to worry if she can afford a doctor when she's ill. A father with an irregular work schedule should not have to choose between a meal and his insulin. That's why SoonerCare is there to ensure that our most vulnerable families can get essential health care in time of need.

Unfortunately, thousands of struggling parents could soon lose access to vital SoonerCare coverage.

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority has released a draft of their plan to take health coverage away from low-income parents who are unable to report working enough hours every week.

The plan also creates a cruel Catch-22 for parents: if they work the hours needed to stay on SoonerCare, they’ll earn too much to qualify for SoonerCare. With no other health coverage options, most of these parents will join the ranks of the uninsured.

But, before this plan moves forward, you have the opportunity to change it.

Use this form to submit a public comment to the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority on why you think this is a bad plan for Oklahoma and why it should be withdrawn. Act now to #SaveSoonerCare!

Click "Start Writing" now to see more information that can help you craft your comments.

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