Tell Gov. Greg Abbott to waive education regulations to give teachers more flexibility!

Many teachers are concerned about returning to campus safely. Individual school districts have yet to make important safety decisions about reopening schools, which is why we want Governor Abbott to give teachers more flexibility in their employment contracts. TEA has again delayed the release of public health guidance for school districts this fall. Without this guidance, teachers cannot make an informed decision that is crucial for their health and that of their families.  

We need your help. We want Governor Abbott to waive Texas education regulations that require teachers to file their resignations no later than the 45th day before the first day of instruction of the following year in order to avoid penalty. The 45th day before the start of instruction is quickly approaching and educators are still not aware of their working conditions for the upcoming year.

Write to Governor Abbott to ask him to waive Texas education regulations so that teachers have more time to consider their employment contract and whether continuing to work is the appropriate decision for them and their family.

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