Tell Governor DeWine to Veto the Rigged Congressional Map

After many missed deadlines and backroom deals, the Ohio House Thursday passed a gerrymandered Congressional map along party lines. Now the bill heads to the Governor for his signature. We need to tell Governor DeWine to take a stand and veto this rigged, partisan map!

The Congressional map is clearly gerrymandered; it slices and dices communities in order to achieve a rigged outcome benefitting one political party. It is the exact opposite of what voters demanded and won in the redistricting reforms put in place by the constitutional amendment that passed overwhelmingly in May of 2018.

Governor DeWine is the last check on stopping this unbalanced map that does not follow either the spirit or letter of Ohio’s redistricting rules. Tell Governor DeWine to respect the Ohio Constitution and the will of the Ohio people and veto Substitute Bill 258.

Click here to see Substitute Senate Bill 258 on Dave’s Redistricting App.

Click here for a PDF of Substitute Senate Bill 258.

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