Tell Governor Ducey-Return Tainted #AZWatergate Money


Governor Doug Ducey has no problem taking money from donors who price gouged unsuspecting taxpayers in the recent water utility scam.

The "AZ WaterGate" scandal involves long-time Ducey friend and donor Jim Norton, who was part of a quid-pro-quo scheme to raise rates on  East Valley and Pinal County water customers of Johnson Utilities in return for $31,000 for Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce.  

Gary Pierce and water company owner George Johnson were indicted in federal court on charges of bribery, conspiracy and fraud. Lobbyist Jim Norton allegedly agreed to act as a conduit between Johnson and Gary Pierce.

It's unacceptable that the Governor is refusing to return the $14,000 in donations from those charged in the federal indictment. This makes the Governor’s ties to Lobbyist Jim Norton and those indicted even more suspicious. What did those donors expect from Ducey in exchange?

Governor Ducey should either return or donate that money to a charity of his choosing-Immediately!

Letter Campaign by
Emily Kirkland
Phoenix, Arizona