Tell Governor Edwards that HB 953 will destroy police - community relations

Republicans in Louisiana are very close to making violence against police officers a hate crime. The "Blue Lives Matter" bill has passed both houses in the Louisiana legislature and is waiting for the governor's signature.

House Bill 953 claims that police officers are targeted for violence and need to be specially protected, despite violence against officers is at record lows. Police continue to portray anti-police brutality activists as terrorists who incite violence, making their jobs harder and more dangerous, but no evidence supports this claim.

This bill is retaliation against communities calling for greater police accountability.

Police already abuse the assaulting an officer charge to falsely arrest people and cover up their own misconduct. Now this charge could carry the weight and added penalties of a hate crime.

Sign and send a letter to Governor John Bel Edwards. Tell him to veto the Blue Lives Matter bill.

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