Tell Governor Northam and Congress: Declare a Climate Emergency

Our Coalition’s Climate Emergency and Moratorium legislation was intentionally blocked from a fair and open debate by House leadership due to regulatory capture in the Virginia 2021 General Assembly Session. However, this obstruction of democratic and climate justice can be overcome and corrected. Governor Northam and President Biden have the constitutional authority to declare a climate emergency and order moratoriums on the development of gas pipelines, compressor stations and power plant projects threatening our atmosphere and health with increased greenhouse gases.

As our society wages an historic mobilization to fight the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, we must bring the same collective resolve to fight the climate crisis. While carbon emissions and our oceans are rising, so is our movement for a healthy environment and safe climate future! Together we’ve stopped a major fracked gas pipeline from irreparably destroying Central Virginia’s shared resources. But with additional fossil fuel projects currently proposed, we need Governor Northam to fulfill his climate and environmental justice commitments by declaring a climate emergency and issuing a moratorium on all new fossil fuel infrastructure projects in Virginia. This is the critical first step on the path to transitioning off climate and health destroying fossil fuels, and onto the 100% clean renewable energy future we deserve.

Send a letter to Governor Northam urging him to declare a climate emergency and issue an immediate moratorium on fossil fuel projects in the Commonwealth. Every email will be delivered immediately.

Congress can pass legislation that would require President Biden to declare a climate emergency right now. Senator Bernie Sanders and Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Earl Blumenauer introduced a bill last week that would do just that.

Tell your Representatives in Congress: Declare a Climate Emergency!

If there ever was an emergency, climate change is it. Please send a letter to Governor Northam and your Representatives today!